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Accessories & Testing

We are suppliers of the following Accessories needed for The Pendulum Skid Tester:Sliders

  1. Base Plate for laboratory use of Skid Tester with specimen mounting block.
  2. Rubber PSV slider 55, 1-1/4" for lab use - Road
  3. Rubber Slider 55 ( TRL ), 3", for field use - Road
  4. Rubber Slider 96 ( Four ’S’ ), 3", for field use – Pedestrian
  5. Sample Holder
  6. Pavigres Tile (Conditioned)
  7. Float Glass
  8. Pink and Green Lapping Film
  9. 400 grit Wet and Dry Emery paper

All sliders can be supplied either mounted or unmounted and are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.

  • We offer training in the use of the Pendulum Skid Tester either in-house or at your premises.
  • We also offer independent testing and monitoring of all floor types with a report being issued.