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The VIPEQ F-08 cork projected in emulsion is produced by PEQUINSA under the licence of VIPEQ HISPANIA SL.
Vipeq Hispania Cork
In our R&D department we set the goal of developing a multipurpose product, which at the same time was to be decorative, provided thermal and acoustic insulation, and also fire and waterproof, using ecological raw materials. We got it: the result is VIPEQ F-08.
VIPEQ F-08 has total adherence on most of the materials (mortar, metal, wood, PVC, expanded polythene, asbestos cement…) and it is the perfect one for façades' coating (save and energy efficiency), waterproofing of any kind of coating (asphalt, sheets or panels) providing in the same application thermal insulation and decorative finish (available in 16 colors).
VIPEQ F-08 is then, for all the aboved mentioned, a unique material, manufactured and guaranteed by an enterprise that has been producing since 1975.