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The KSS Pendulum

The internationally accepted test method for skid resistance measurement on all surfaces where people or vehicles may slip or skid.  It also can be used for testing slip resistance of floors and sports surfaces.

The Pendulum is well established as a world leader in its field. Originally designed in the 1940s in the US, the instrument was further developed in the 1960s at the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRRL) at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research - a British Government organization concerned with studying problems that arise in designing, building, maintaining and using public highways.

Today it is the industry standard for a vast array of surface testing applications,  including the testing of wooden decking. It is used in accident investigations, both traffic and pedestrian and Litigation investigations.

The instrument which gives a direct reading, gives a measure of the friction between a skidding tyre and wet road surface. It provides the Highway Engineer with a practical means of obtaining reliable scientific evidence on which to take the appropriate measures to reduce skidding.